hi there,

I'm Sabby, I'm not really sure if I believe in Magic but I do believe in Chemistry. The kind where you just meet a person, and within seconds, already feel like you could spend hours with them. Doing nothing but talking, not talking, laughing, touching... you know that kind of chemistry. I'm a kind, bright and inquisitive girl from Northern California. I grew up surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and attended college up North. I'm a savvy-minded creative, with a hunger for knowledge and genuine experiences. I smile with my eyes and am always kind to strangers. I have a down to earth demeanor and a sweet disposition.  I truly am a sensualist and love to please and most importantly, be pleased. My pleasure is your pleasure, and your pleasure is mine.

I think the most important thing you should know about me is that I’m Real. You won’t need a thesaurus when reading my bio, you won’t need to wonder if someone else is behind the keyboard. I didn’t hire a copywriter, webmaster or assistant to write my captions and I don’t modify my images to represent an airbrushed version of myself I wish to be, because I don’t wish to be anyone but myself. When you contact me you’re talking to me and only me. I celebrate my true to life nature and come at you with a vulnerability in my eyes that can’t be purchased.

Join me for a rendez-vous and let's see what kind of mischief we can get into. 



About My All Natural Physique:

  Mid Twenties




Latina and Caucasian

Long Dark Auburn Hair and Brown Eyes



I enjoy natural wines, movie theater popcorn, empty parks and rooftops... I collect vinyl records, always have candles lit and am a natural born cuddler. I love nature, animals, photography and fitness.  I am always laughing and never say no to dessert. I love unpretentious conversations and love being challenged. I'm a clever little girl, with a dirty little mind, and a penchant for trying new things. I love to hear what others are into and love fulfilling fantasies. I’m a true sensualist and love pleasing others.  


Considerations and Engagements


1 hour $800

A Brief “hello”

1.5 hours      $1200

Get Acquainted

  2 hours       $1500

Be my Confidante

3 hours      $2400

My Conspirator

4 hours $3,000

Feed Me

6+ hours $4,500

Be My Lover

A Public Encounter $500 If you’re shy or just want to pick my brain about my activism or social media, this is a great way to meet for coffee or a drink.

Ask me about my special rates for SW and those of which accessibility is a concern.

I recommend booking for an hour and half for our encounters. For longer dates, special circumstances or overnights please shoot me an email. I love to travel and would be happy to join you anywhere around the world after proper screening and verification.

See below for my upcoming tour dates.

I am available for outcalls at your upscale hotel or verified private residence. For incalls, I do ask for a $200 electronic deposit in advance to be cleared before our meeting. This sum will be included in the total amount for your booking.

I have some very special friends for us to meet with. I also love meeting with couples. Let me know and I can arrange an adventure for us, you must be verified in order for me to show you my very special friends.



Screening and Verification


Screening is required for all new friends and will be conducted in a very safe and discreet manner. I require 2-3 recent references from providers/entertainers you have seen. Please include their email and website and be sure to give them a heads up that you'll be using them as a reference.

In lieu of references, please reach out and I can provide instructions for alternate methods of screening and safety verification.


 Charm Me:

Nothing is more special than a quiet night alone enjoying each other’s company.

However, a gift or donation is always appreciated.

Apparel: Size Small or US 4

Shoe: 8

Toys: Wildflower Sex | Babeland

Flowers: Peonies, Ranunculus or wildflowers

Designers: Gucci, Maison Margiela, Yves Saint Laurent

Charities: lysistratamccf.org | swopusa.org | aclu.org


Travel and Upcoming Tours:


San Jose del Cabo, Mexico - November 8th ~ 14th

Santorini - November 15th ~ 24th

San Francisco - November 27th ~ December 3rd

New York City - December 4th ~ December 14th

Capetown & Johannesburg - December 16th ~ January 10th

Paris & London ~ February 20th ~ 26th

I know! I’m a busy girl. I love traveling in Winter, do your homework and maybe we can travel together…

You can always fly me to you, just shoot me an email! I’m based in NYC and am willing to travel by train to the surrounding East Coast cities with proper verification and a small deposit to ensure safety and confirm our date.



I'm so happy you've decided to meet!


Please send your email request to: softeyesandties@protonmail.ch

Let me know a little bit about yourself and some important details for our time together. I love playing dress up and would love to accommodate any wardrobe requests within reason. A lot of my new friends come from my very lively social media presence let me know if thats how you found me. I’m happy to show up in any outfit you’ve seen on my social.

Please include:

  • Your Name and Occupation

  • Approximate Date and Time for our meeting

  • Two Recent References

  • If you do not have references, please let me know and I’ll let you know what information I need to move forward.

Let me know if you would prefer an incall or outcall location and how long you would like for our first date along with your screening information and references.

Any additional information is welcome!

Follow me on twitter: twitter.com/sab_magic

And find my online erotic archive here: www.sabina.findrow.com